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Some outtakes from the Actors Roundtable Photoshoot.

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Here is a clip of Tom participating in the Hollywood Reporters Actors Round Table.

To watch it on the original site go here.

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Tom is one of the talented actors that was featured in the Hollywood Reporter Actors Roundtable … here is an excerpt from the interview with Tom, Robert DeNiro, Adam Sadler, Jamie Foxx, and Adam Driver.

Robert De Niro, Adam Driver, Jamie Foxx and Adam Sandler also share dark moments, trade secrets and the roles that redefined their lives.

There’s an old adage among actors: An elderly actor, Edmund Gwenn, was getting toward the end of his life, living in a retirement home, when he was visited by a friend who commiserated about how difficult things must be. No, shrugged Gwenn, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” That story was the starting point for a powerful, emotional and funny conversation involving some of the leading practitioners of both comedy and drama at this year’s Actor Roundtable. Robert De Niro, 76 (playing an aging — and de-aged — gangster in The Irishman) was joined by Adam Driver, 36 (as a man struggling with divorce in Marriage Story and a congressional operative trying to uncover the truth in The Report), Jamie Foxx, 51 (as a man wrongfully imprisoned in Just Mercy), Tom Hanks, 63 (as the real-life Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood), Shia LaBeouf, 33 (as his own father in the autobiographical Honey Boy), and Adam Sandler, 53 (as a jewelry dealer struggling to survive in Uncut Gems).

So, dying is easy, comedy is hard. True or false?

ROBERT DE NIRO Well, there’s all kinds of comedy. Certain comedies are easy for certain people, certain comedy for me is not. I can’t do what Billy Crystal does, Eddie Murphy, Adam [Sandler]. But I can do other things. I like to think that I work in situations: In Marty Scorsese’s movies, some situations are funny and ironic in and of themselves, which is like life. Working with him, whatever you want to do, you can try and do it and maybe it’ll work. With some directors, you don’t even go there.

ADAM SANDLER If you have something you’re confident in, something you believe in, it’s the same. If you believe in a joke, if you believe in a dramatic scene, you go in there with the same approach.

JAMIE FOXX Here’s the thing: Comedy is a natural thing. I was watching [Sandler] when I was 18 years old, sneaking into The Comedy Store, watching him go up when it was like titans — it was Chris Rock, it was Eddie [Murphy] working out shit. I remember Eddie had on this yellow, fuckin’ Century 21 jacket. (Laughter.) And somebody said, “Yo, what’s up with that jacket?” And then Eddie, he said, “Oh, whatever, I’ll crush you with my wallet?” And then everybody started laughing.

SANDLER Oh yeah, yeah.

FOXX It’s interesting, when I look at everybody here, there’s respect. But then I look at Adam and before he even said anything, I’m laughing. That’s the first ingredient, right?

SANDLER That’s correct.

FOXX And then the second ingredient is: As comedians, you get that liftoff, that launch, where everything you’re saying is funny, it’s hilarious, people are giving you that light. It only becomes difficult once you reach that top comedic level. Now people are expecting the world. I was at Eddie’s house, he’s talking about getting back into stand-up. And I don’t know if you understand this with comedians, but we can never look good. If I start looking too good, I’m not as funny.

SANDLER You need something, an imperfection is going to relax an audience.

FOXX I said, “Eddie, if you want to do stand-up, first thing you’ve got to do is: You’ve got to fix your house.” He’s like, “What you mean?” I said, “Your house is too perfect. (Laughter.) You’ve got the candles, scented, and all that shit.” I said, “Eddie, at my crib, I have shit at my house that doesn’t work on purpose, so I stay funny. I’ve got this little carpet in the kitchen that’s sort of ruffled up and I’ve got a bathroom where you turn on the faucet and it sprays out.” And my daughter’s like, “Why don’t you fix it?” I feel like if I fix all this shit, I won’t be funny.

TOM HANKS Can you be funny if you grew up with a built-in swimming pool in your backyard? I don’t think you can. If you grew up being able to swim any time you wanted to, you experienced none of the shortcomings of life that you turn into self-deprecation. You can’t do it.

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Some new stills and images have been released from Tom’s film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

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Here are some clips of Tom from his recent interview with Kelly Clarkson ….

Tom Hanks Says It Was ‘A Nightmare’ Recreating The ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ Opening

om Hanks tells Kelly how difficult it was to recreate the opening to “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” for his new film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” As it turns out, the sequence—which took about 27 times to get right—was “nearly impossible” for Tom to pull off.

Kelly Admits To Tom Hanks: ‘We Call Balls “Wilson” In Our House’

Kelly asks Tom Hanks what it’s like to be recognized in public, and he admits that some fan encounters are a little more embarrassing than others. Plus, Kelly admits that she calls every ball in her house “Wilson” in honor of Tom’s iconic “Cast Away” role.

Tom Hanks Is Perplexed Why No One Understands His Wrap Gift: ‘Are These People Professional Actors?’

Matthew Rhys and Susan Kelechi Watson tell Kelly about the thoughtful wrap gift their “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” co-star Tom Hanks gave them—but neither of them know what it is. Kelly gets to the bottom of this mystery and asks the gift-giver himself to explain this confounding (but graciously received) object.

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TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie sits down with the iconic actor Tom Hanks about his new role in the biopic about Fred Rogers.

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Here is the full interview clip of Tom & Renee did for Actors on Actors.

In their Actors on Actors conversation, Tom Hanks and Renée Zellweger talk about playing real-life people, Mr. Rogers and Judy Garland, in their films this year, and they reflect on their first jobs in the film industry.

And here are some of the outtakes from their shoot.

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Tom and the cast of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood attended a photo call and screening of the film in New York City on Sunday.

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Tom Hanks Archives > 2019 > November 17 | A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Screening In New York City

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A feature ran by the New York Times on Tom.

Hanks is playing Mister Rogers in a new movie and is just as nice as you think he is. Please read this article anyway.

Here is a list of stories about Tom Hanks I’ve heard over the last few miserable months, as it appeared that politeness and civility and manners were facing an extinction event in this country.

Once, in 2008, when he was shooting “Angels & Demons” in Rome by the Pantheon, a bride and her father couldn’t approach the chapel because of the hullabaloo, so Hanks stopped filming to escort them to the altar.

Once, in 2015, he stopped by a table of Girl Scout cookies and bought some boxes, donated an additional $20, then offered selfies to passers-by as an enticement to buy. That same year, he found a young woman’s student ID in a park and used his charming Twitter feed, which is filled with found items, to get it back to her.

Once, in 1997, before shooting “Saving Private Ryan,” Steven Spielberg sent Hanks and other cast members out to do military training in the woods with a former Marine. After spending time in the rain, they all voted to quit the training, except for Hanks, who chose to obediently perform the job he was hired for and spurred the other men to stick with it as well.

These are the regular-nice acts of a person who holds the mantle of Everyman in our movie star culture. But lately they have signified more than simple good deeds. They’re something like the embodiment of a gold standard of menschiness, which is not just gone from the culture at large, but now plays like a parody of it.

There’s more. Spielberg once said about him, “If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he would paint a portrait of Tom.”

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