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Page Six shared some information about the friend ship Tom has with designer Tom Ford.

It pays to have Tom Ford on speed dial.

In a new interview with Ford, 57, about his life and career in Vogue’s September issue, Tom Hanks discusses his friendship with the legendary fashion designer and the tricks he’s taught him to keep the actor always looking chic.

According to the article, Hanks, 63, and his wife, Rita Wilson, “are among Ford’s and Buckley’s closest friends in LA.”

And Hanks is a huge fan of Ford’s film work: “‘A Single Man’ and ‘Nocturnal Animals’ were, essentially, low-budget movies without any cheap aesthetics or sacrifices, which takes a strong hand and a soft touch,” he said. “I’ve made a lot of films, but I find myself listening to Tom talk about directing a lot.”

But the CFDA chairman and the Oscar winner don’t just discuss filmmaking, he added. “Of course I still ask him fashion questions like a pilgrim who has climbed a mountain in search of wisdom, and he has imparted the most simple of answers: Button the jacket, as it slims your form. Use the pockets, as a jacket is like a man’s purse — just don’t get bulky. Cap-toed shoes go with everything.”

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