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While Tom is an amazingly talented performer, one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of him is his generosity and kindness to others. CTV News highlights this generosity as they share how Tom gave one of his typewriters from his collection to a typewriter repair man in Saskatoon.

SASKATOON — As promised, a self-taught typewriter repair expert in Saskatoon has received a one-of-a-kind parcel in the mail from one of the most recognizable names on the planet.

Thom Cholowski is now the proud owner of a 1940 Remington 7 Noiseless portable typewriter — courtesy of Tom Hanks.

The two began corresponding earlier this year after Cholowski typed and sent Hanks a letter to thank him for his very public admiration for typewriters.

“Through Tom’s advocacy, it’s gone from being a nostalgic, old fashioned piece of technology to a point where people are taking a second look at these machines and they’re really rediscovering the joy and beauty of these wonderful machines,” Cholowski told CTV News earlier this month.

Hanks apparently couldn’t resist offering a compliment of his own, mailing Cholowski a typewritten response.

“What a privilege it is to type a letter to western Canada’s premier typewriter repairman,” began the letter addressed to Cholowski, typed on Hanks’ own letterhead.

In addition to praise for Cholowski’s efforts to keep a vanishing trade alive, the letter also included an offer of a typewriter from Hanks’ own extensive collection. An offer Hanks has now made good on.

“It’s a very good machine, immaculate condition,” Cholowski told CTV News.

The typewriter came complete with an original manual and a laminated tag authenticating that it was from the Tom Hanks collection, Cholowski said.

“On the back of the tag is a little sample of the typeface, typed by Mr.Hanks.”

When asked about the speculate about the typewriter’s value, the answer came easy for Cholowski.

“To me, priceless.”

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