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June 6, 2020   Ali   0 Comment Site

So excited that today we celebrate the one year anniversary for the site … in honor of our anniversary I have added new themes – thanks to the talents of Never Enough Design AND I have added four more years of events to our gallery. Thank you to all of our visitors for your support! […]

April 2, 2020   Ali   0 Comment Images, Site

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to address what is happening in our world. Due to the Covid-19 situation I have had some major changes happening in my life to provide safety for my family and the other individuals around me. I have moved to a working from home environment, both of my […]

June 6, 2019   Ali   0 Comment Site

I am so excited to share with you this special birthday present to myself. I have been a fan of Tom Hanks since the 1980s. He is a beloved actor, producer, and humanitarian known for his acting roles in such films as Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Sleepless in Seattle, Apollo 13and A League of Their Own. […]