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Character: Josh
Directed by: Penny Marshall
Written by: Anne Spielberg, Gary Ross
Produced by: Anne Spielberg, Gary Ross, James L. Brooks, Robert Greenhut
Other cast: Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia, John Heard, Jared Rushton
Release date: June 3, 1988
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Running time: 1h 44min

After a wish turns 12-year-old Josh Baskin into a 30-year-old man, he heads to New York City and gets a low-level job at MacMillen Toy Company. A chance encounter with the owner of the company leads to a promotion testing new toys. Soon a fellow employee, Susan Lawrence, takes a romantic interest in Josh. However, the pressure of living as an adult begins to overwhelm him, and he longs to return to his simple, former life as a boy.


♦ To give Tom Hanks an idea of how a twelve year-old would behave, director Penny Marshall filmed each “grown-up” scene with David Moscow (Young Josh) playing Hanks’ part, who then copied Moscow’s behavior.
♦ According to Monica Rushton, Jared Rushton (Billy), David Moscow (little Josh) and Tom Hanks (big Josh) were put in a room with a bunch of toys to play with. Having silly string, they tried to use it to gross each other out and that is how the silly string scene between Hanks and Rushton appeared in the movie.
♦ Tom Hanks improvised the scene where he eats the baby corn as if it were a normal-sized corn on the cob.