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Character: Josh
Directed by: Tom Mankiewicz
Written by: Dan Aykroyd, Tom Mankiewicz, Alan Zweibel
Produced by: David Permut, Robert K. Weiss
Other cast: Dan Aykroyd, Dabney Coleman, Christopher Plummer, Harry Morgan
Release date: June 26, 1987
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Running time: 1h 46min

No-nonsense Los Angeles detective Sgt. Joe Friday is partnered with the wisecracking Pep Streebeck, a hip upstart cop, and the mismatched duo is ordered to investigate a strange series of ritual killings. Though Friday and Pep do their share of quarreling, they eventually trace the clues to an ominous cult, and the officers interrupt a violent ceremony. Friday then begins a romance with near-victim Connie Swail, but it could hinder his police work.


→ They’re so bad at being bad… but so much worse at being good!
→ Just The Facts.
→ Thank God It’s Friday


♦ Tom Hanks has stated that he enjoyed making this film even though he found some parts challenging and the weather didn’t always cooperate.
♦ Bait magazine is most likely a reference to either “jail bait” or masterbaite (possibly both). Tom Hanks pantomimes this activity or makes a “wanking” gesture when he first is seen in his acceptable police attire, having just changed and shaved after being told his appearance was against regulation.