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Every Time We Say Goodbye

Character: David
Directed by: Moshe Mizrahi
Written by: Moshé Mizrahi, Rachel Fabien, Leah Appet
Produced by: Sharon Harel, Jacob Kotzky
Other cast: Cristina Marsillach, Benedict Taylor, Anat Atzmon, Gila Almagor
Release date: November 14, 1986
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Running time: 1h 38min

An American pilot in Jerusalem during World War II falls in love with a Jewish woman while he is recuperating from a serious injury. At first, he resists the intriguing Mediterranean beauty, but soon becomes locked in a powerful love affair that goes against the grain of heritage and tradition, causing friction in her family.


→ A World At War… Two Worlds Collide.
→ in a time and a world of impossible love, he would accept nothing less than everything.

Character’s Quotes

• Well, my mother died long before that. My brother ‘n’ sister didn’t have opinion. My, my father was disappointed. He’s a pacifist. I was bound to disappoint my father. Joining up just got it over with nice and quick.
• I think God has a lot to answer for. And I don’t think you can change the world; not much anyway.