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The Taming of the Shrew

Character: Grumio
Created by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Daniel Sullivan
Written by: William Shakespeare
Produced by: The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival
Other cast: Bernard Kates, Norm Berman, Clive Rosengren, Michael LaGue, Dennis Lipscomb, Robert Lanchester, George F. Maguire, Michael John McGann, John Q. Bruce, Holmes Osborne, Sara Woods, Janice Akers, Bairbre Dowling, Edith Owen, Michael Hagedorn, Bruce Somerville, John Rice, Steve Cassidy, Bill Berset, Jose Rivera, Barbara Weikamp, Bill Madden, Susan Osborne, Holly Fulger, Cian Downling, Bonnie McMahon, Vada Russell, Bert Goldstein, Thomas Knickerbocker, Brian Wilson
Venue: Lakewood Civic Auditorium
Production dates: August 18, 1977
Genre: Comedy

A wealthy Padua merchant, Baptista, has two daughters. One day Lucentio, a student, comes to Padua, sees Bianca, the younger sister, and falls madly in love with her.