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Character: Lawrence Bourne III
Directed by: Nicholas Meyer
Written by: Ken Levine, David Isaacs
Produced by: Richard Shepherd, Walter F. Parkes
Other cast: John Candy, Clyde Kusatsu, Gedde Watanabe, Xander Berkeley
Release date: August 16, 1985
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 1h 47min

Hoping to avoid gambling debts, rich playboy Lawrence Bourne stows away on a plane of Peace Corps volunteers set for Thailand. Once aboard, he meets the outrageously affable Tom Tuttle, who shows him the ropes. After landing, the crew is stationed in a small town where they are to construct a bridge. Along with the lovely and altruistic Beth Wexler, the group begins work, but soon discover the CIA, communists and a drug lord are eyeing the bridge.


→ Ready or not, here they come
→ Tom Hanks and John Candy are building a bridge between two cultures… even if no one wants it.
→ The boys from “Splash” are back together!


⋄ Tom Hanks based his performance as and characterization of Lawrence Bourne III on the actor who played his character’s father Lawrence Bourne, Jr., actor George Plimpton. Hanks payed much attention to Plimpton and listened to his diction very astutely. Hanks was able to mimic his vocalizations by mimicking certain words and putting stress on certain vowels. Hanks once said: “I tried to cull from him that air, not of superiority, but of a kind of confidence he exudes. He has one of the most distinctive voices ever. It was the most fun I’ve ever had as an actor. As soon as I put on that double-breasted white tuxedo, I was in character. It was a situation of the clothes making the man. Lawrence is a guy who refuses to take life on anything but his own terms. He is consistent to the end”.

Character’s Quotes

• Do I look like I’m associated with this hootenanny? And when you come back, bring me something with alcohol in it.
• Well, look at the time. We’ve been talking for over ten hours. You know, Beth; we’ll be awfully busy once we get to Loon Ta. Why don’t we take tonight for ourselves; little dinner, dancing and then see what develops. You know, there’s only one thing we haven’t shared.
• John, this is ridiculous. Now, I am obviously not of Peace Corps fiber. It’s not that I can’t help these people, it’s just that… I don’t want to.
• You know there was never a time where brains didn’t triumph over brawn. And I’ve got brains.